Khalistani extremists pour gau mutra over Indian flag, video goes viral

 In an act of brazen Hinduphobia, Khalistani extremists, presumably in the United Kingdom, poured gau mutra on the Indian flag and asked PM Rishi Sunak to drink it, a video of which has gone viral on the internet.

In the undated video, a Khalistani extremist is seen sprinkling gau mutra over the Indian flag and derisively asking the UK PM Rishi Sunak, who has been unapologetic about his Hindu roots, to have it if he wants to drink it.

While when the video was shot and uploaded on the internet is not yet known, it is worth noting that the clip surfaced on X, formerly known as Twitter, in the wake of Canada’s allegations against India over the killing of Khalistani terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar. Canadian PM Justin Trudeau had alleged that the Indian government had authorised the killing of Nijjar, touching off an escalating diplomatic row between Ontario and New Delhi. India has rejected the allegations.

But the tensions between the two countries have brought to the fore the chronic issue of Khalistani terrorists finding safe havens in Western countries that pontificate the world over fighting terrorism while turning a blind eye, and sometimes actively sheltering anti-social elements involved in secessionist activities in their native countries.

Nijjar, one of India’s most wanted terrorists, with a Rs 10 lakh cash reward on his head, was shot dead on June 18 by two unidentified shooters outside a gurudwara in Surrey. He was the Khalistan Tiger Force’s (KTF) commander. Months later, Trudeau claimed that India had authorised the killing, without offering supporting evidence to back his claim.

In a strongly worded statement, India said that Canada’s claims appeared to be “politically motivated” and urged the Trudeau government to crack down hard on terrorists and anti-India elements operating on its soil. As a result of the diplomatic blockade over Nijjar’s murder, India has now suspended visa services for Canadians.

The incident also reflects the alarming rise in Hinduphobia in the West, with Khalistani extremists, Islamists, and their intellectual supporters routinely indulging in ridiculing, dehumanising, and demonising Hindus to promote their vested interests.



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