Hostages in video released by Hamas blame Netanyahu for failing to protect them

 Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu condemned as "cruel psychological propaganda" a video released on Monday (local time) by Hamas that shows three hostages seized by the terror group on October 7.

The video shows three women -- identified by Netanyahu as Yelena Trupanob, Danielle Aloni and Rimon Kirsht -- sitting side by side against a bare wall, with Aloni addressing an angry message to the Prime Minister.

Accusing Netanyahu of failing to protect Israeli citizens during the deadly Hamas attack and failing to get them back home, she called for an agreement to secure their release in exchange for Palestinian prisoners.

"You were supposed to free all of us. You committed to free us all. But instead, we are carrying your political, security, military and diplomatic failure," she said.


In a statement, Netanyahu repeated a pledge to make every effort to bring the hostages home.

"Abducted by Hamas, which is committing war crimes, I embrace you. Our hearts are with you and with the other captives. We are doing everything to bring home all the captives and the missing," he said.

Aloni's father, Ramos Aloni, said his heart almost stopped when he saw his daughter in the video, feeling shocked but also relieved that she was alive.

"Until today, we did not know any confirmed information about her," he told reporters who gathered in Tel Aviv.

Aloni is in captivity along with five others from his family, including three-year-old twin grandchildren, he said.

Avital Kirscht, whose daughter Rimon sat quietly in the video beside Aloni, said they would do everything to bring her home and demanded the hostages receive urgent medical care.

"I don't wish any mother to have to go through what we have been going through for the past 24 days," she said. "I saw the video today and I am worried. Rimon was without eyeglasses. For 24 days, she couldn't see. She needs glasses."

The short video is the second hostage message issued by Hamas, following an earlier clip of 21-year-old Franco-Israeli woman Mia Schem that was released on October 17.

According to Israeli authorities, at least 239 hostages, both Israeli and foreign, were taken captive by Hamas gunmen during the attack, which killed at least 1,400 people.

The presence of the hostages in Gaza has complicated the ground operation in the enclave begun by Israeli forces last week, following an intense campaign of airstrikes that Palestinian authorities say has killed more than 8,000 people.

Four hostages have been released so far, but efforts to secure additional releases through back-channel efforts coordinated by Qatar appear to have been put on hold following the start of the ground operation.

Israeli forces operating in Gaza also freed a captive soldier, authorities said on Monday.



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