Back Trudeau's Canada is home to pan-Khalistani extremists: Report

 With India's intelligence dossier on Khalistani elements operating from foreign soil, it is all but clear that Canada is harboring individuals with strong links to pan-Khalistani extremist activities. So far HT has reported on around 18 individuals linked to Khalistani-gansters nexus operating from Canada. The dossier further reveals that Tehal Singh and his associates have been actively involved in promoting separatism and violence in Punjab while residing in Canada.

Tehal Singh, originally from Jalandhar, Punjab, has been residing in Toronto, Ontario, and is closely associated with Gurjeet Singh Cheema, a member of the International Sikh Youth Federation (ISYF), a proscribed terror outfit. Singh and Cheema were instrumental in contacting Mann Singh during his visit to Toronto in 2015, where discussions revolved around establishing an independent Khalistan state.

Tehal Singh and Gurjeet Cheema encouraged Mann Singh to recruit Sikh youths for their extremist cause upon his return to Punjab. They also provided funds to further their agenda, raising concerns about potential radicalization among Canadian Sikh youth.

Tehal Singh's history in Punjab is tainted with involvement in various criminal cases, including arms smuggling and acts of terrorism. He has been declared a Proclaimed Offender (PO) in multiple cases, and he remains a key figure in promoting radicalism and militancy among Sikh youth in Punjab.

Malkeet Singh

Malkeet Singh, alias Fauji, has been residing in Surrey, British Columbia while being actively involved with ISYF and Babbar Khalsa International (BKI). He played a significant role in sourcing local-made weapons for extremist modules, with the intent to target Hindu Shiv Sena leaders and Sikh preachers involved in sacrilege incidents in Punjab.

Malkeet Singh introduced individuals to BKI terrorist Jaswant Singh, alias Kala, further illustrating the extent of his association with militant elements.

Manvir Singh Duhra

Another Khalistani extremist, Manvir Singh Duhra, originally from Jalandhar, Punjab, and currently residing in St. John, British Columbia has been actively involved in identifying and radicalizing Sikh youths for extremist activities in Punjab. He sent funds to an ISYF module member for purchasing locally-made weapons and personally visited Punjab to motivate module members to target those responsible for sacrilege incidents.

The revelations paint a troubling picture of Canada being a safe haven for individuals with ties to pan-Khalistani extremist activities. The Canadian government, under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, increasingly faces scrutiny for its failure to address this pressing issue.



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