Back Back Israel-Hamas war: Israeli forces eliminate Hamas, Islamic Jihad operatives in a tunnel near Al-Ansar mosque in Jenin

 Israel-Hamas war: Israel Defence Forces (IDF) have said that they targeted and killed members of Hamas and Islamic Jihad who were in a tunnel near Al-Ansar mosque in Jenin, who were planning to carry out an 'imminent attack'.

Taking to X (formerly Twitter), the Israel Defence Forces said that the recent IDF intel revealed that the Mosque was used as a command centre to plan and carry out terrorist attacks against civilians.

In a post, the IDF said, “The IDF & ISA just conducted an aerial strike on a Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorist compound in the Al-Ansar Mosque in Jenin. Recent IDF intel revealed that the Mosque was used as a command center to plan and execute terrorist attacks against civilians."

In another post, the IDF stated that its soldiers hit a terrorist cell trying to launch anti-tank missiles towards northern Israel. "Hamas wants the world to believe that they are a humanitarian organization. Don't fall for their trap," IDF wrote.

In the video, the Israel Defense Forces spokesperson Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari said, "Hamas in the past 24 hours, as well as the days before, but especially in the last 24 hours has been trying to present itself as a humanitarian organization to the world after the release of the two hostages yesterday. The world cannot forget Hamas is worse than ISIS."

The Israeli Air Force stressed that Hamas uses the residents of the Gaza Strip as human shields and launches rockets from civilian infrastructure.

Taking to X, the Israeli Air Force stated, "The Hamas terrorist organization uses the residents of the Gaza Strip as human shields, and launches rockets from civilian infrastructure, areas and buildings in the Gaza Strip." They also added that since the beginning of the war, the IDF has identified about 550 failed launches fired by Hamas that landed inside the Gaza Strip.

On Saturday, IDF spokesperson Daniel Hagari said that it will increase airstrikes on Gaza "from today (Saturday)," CNN reported. While addressing a briefing in Tel Aviv, he said, "We will increase our strikes, minimize the risk to our troops in the next stages of the war, and we will intensify the strikes, starting from today."

Asked whether Israel has halted its ground operation in Gaza due to US pressure, Hagari stated that Israeli forces will launch such operations when the conditions for the military are optimal. He stated that IDF continued to carry out air strikes over the past day, according to a CNN report. Meanwhile, The US has decided to send a Terminal High Altitude Area Defence system as well as additional Patriot battalions to the Middle East to increase its force posture there following recent escalations by Iran and its proxy forces across the region, Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin said as reported by news agency PTI. These steps will bolster regional deterrence efforts, increase force protection for US forces in the region, and assist in the defence of Israel, he was quoted as saying by the agency.

Speaking of the Cairo Summit, a summit of international leaders in Cairo to discuss the Gaza war ended on Saturday night without any consensus towards averting an Israeli ground invasion. No joint statement was issued as Arab and Western leaders failed to even agree on language condemning Hamas's attack on Israeli communities.



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