Four killed in Turkish drone strike against PKK members in Iraq

A Turkish drone strike on Friday killed four Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) militants and injured one in Iraq's northern province of Sulaimaniya, Iraqi Kurdistan's counter-terrorism service said.

The five people were driving their vehicle in the town of Kalar at around 6 a.m. GMT when the drone strike hit them, the service said in a statement.

There has been a long-running Turkish campaign in Iraq and Syria against militants of the PKK and the Syrian Kurdish YPG militia, which are both regarded as terrorist groups by Ankara.

Turkey regularly carries out air strikes into northern Iraq and has sent commandos to support its offensives.

On Wednesday, two people were killed, including a child, and seven injured in Turkish air strikes against the Sinjar Resistance Units (YBS), a militia affiliated with the PKK.

The PKK took up arms against the Turkish state in 1984. More than 40,000 people have been killed in the conflict, which in the past was mainly focused in southeast Turkey where the PKK sought to create an ethnic homeland. 

Source: Four killed in Turkish drone strike against PKK members in Iraq - The Jerusalem Post (


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