American woman who led all-women battalion for ISIS, planned bomb attacks with ‘maximum possible violence’, pleads guilty

On Tuesday, Allison Fluke-Ekren, a Kansas woman who had left the United States to be a part of the terrorist movements in the Middle East pleaded guilty to aiding the ISIS terrorist organization by leading an all-female military battalion for them. She also confessed to plotting several terror attacks on American soil.

According to the reports, Allison Fluke-Ekren also known by the name Umm Mohammed al-Amrik (42) provided more than 100 women and girls including the ones aged as young as 10-years-old with military training on behalf of the ISIS. She also confessed to the Federal prosecutors that she had plotted attacks on a university and a shopping mall in America.

“To conduct the attack, Fluke-Ekren allegedly explained that she could go to a shopping mall in the United States, park a vehicle full of explosives in the basement or parking garage level of the structure, and detonate the explosives in the vehicle with a cell phone triggering device. Fluke-Ekren allegedly considered any attack that did not kill a large number of individuals to be a waste of resources,” the Department of Justice was quoted.

The department further noted that Allison Fluke-Ekren who is the mother of at least 7 children had left the United States in the year 2008. She landed in Egypt before moving to Libya in 2011. Then in the very next year, she was moved to Syria to be a part of ‘violent jihad’ as the terrorist group Ansar al-Sharia had ceased conducting attacks in Libya.

The documents by the Department of Justice also reveal that Allison’s husband was also affiliated with the terrorist organization named Ansar al-Sharia and was killed in an airstrike in 2016. Allison’s husband had stolen the government documents from the US Special Mission after the 2012 terrorist attack on the American compound in Benghazi. The couple had then drafted a report for terrorist leaders after analyzing government documents seized during the attack.

In the years to follow, Allison Fluke-Ekren eventually led a woman’s center in Raqqa on behalf of the Islamic State. While she provided medical services, childcare, and educational services about ISIS teachings, her main job was teaching women and children to use AK-47s, grenades, and suicide vests.

A criminal complaint was filed against the Fluke-Ekren in the year 2019 but was not made public until she was brought back to the United States in January of this year. “We didn’t intentionally train any young girls”, Allison Fluke-Ekren said in the court on June 7 claiming that she did not know that some of the trainees were underage. According to the reports, Fluke-Ekren will be sentenced on October 25 and would face a maximum of 20 years in prison.

Source: ISIS battalion leader Allison Fluke-Ekren pleads guilty to terrorism charge (


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