Afghanistan: Taliban Sends 4 Helicopters To Panjshir Valley To Eliminate Hideouts Of NRFA

Nearly nine months into the fall of Kabul, the Panjshir province continues to uphold its resistance and counter the Taliban onslaught. As the alliance led by Ahmad Massoud and acting Vice-President Amrullah Saleh poses a tough fight to the Taliban, the militant group has now sent four helicopters to Panjshir province to eliminate the hideouts of the National Resistance of Afghanistan.

According to sources, in recent face-offs, the Taliban has lost dozens of its fighters and a dozen others have been injured at the hands of the National Resistance. Sources from the Taliban reveal that most of their injured men have been taken to the 400-bed Sardar Mohammad Dawood Khan Hospital in Kabul, which is the biggest military hospital in Afghanistan.

In the meantime, the National Resistance forces have begun their war in the Qasan valley of Andarab and at least 60 Taliban fighters have been killed and injured in the fresh attacks. Falling to the strength of the resistance, 100 Humvee tanks of the Taliban, apart from their helicopters have come to Panjshir Valley in preparation for the new clashes. Sources among the National Resistance claim that four Pakistani militants, who were aiding the Taliban fighters, have also been killed during the latest clashes.

Taliban sends helicopters to Panjshir, moves 10,000 troops

In February, it was reported that the Taliban had carried five helicopters to the Panjshir Valley to launch airstrikes against the National Resistance and their hideouts in the Hindukush mountains. In response, the alliance activated their heavy weaponry in the peaks of Hindukush, 'ready for any kind of response'.

In one such face-off the same month, Massoud's forces tracked down one of the Taliban helicopters in the Anaba district. A commander from the resistance front claimed that at least 23 Taliban fighters were killed in Panjshir during the ambush. In March, another 10 Taliban insurgents were ambushed and 12 others were severely wounded, when they attempted to make their way to the Hesarak base.

Apart from sending its helicopters, 10,000 Taliban fighters had also arrived in snow-clad Panjshir, preparing to launch a major onslaught against the National Resistance soldiers.  

Source: Afghanistan: Taliban sends 4 helicopters to Panjshir Valley to eliminate hideouts of NRFA (


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