​​​​​​​12 soldiers of Turkish occupation army killed in Zap

Rauf Karakojan

The 1990s were the most prosperous years of the Kurdish liberation movement, as waves of uprising began in Kurdistan and a great political awareness spread among the people of Nusaybin, Jazir, and Amed.

Throughout Kurdistan the people and guerrilla joined together and the PKK created a strong revolutionary consciousness, morever the Kurdish political movement escalated during those years, the Kurdish issue became a political issue, and the year 1992 was an important stage for Kurdistan in many ways.

The patriotic spirit was strengthened in the four parts of Kurdistan, which affected the people and embodied in the operations, and the enemy lost its initiative. Military, political and organizational achievements escalated, in an era like this, complicit treason in southern Kurdistan began wars of treason began in 1992.

The traitors tried hard to prevent the struggle of the Kurdistan liberation movement in Başûr. The massacres were committed in many areas, one after the other. In addition to plotting, provocations, siege and encirclement. Even committing a massacre inside the hospital in Hawler.

The war of treason in 1992 inflicted great damage on the Kurdistan liberation struggle, hindered its progress and inflicted great pain on our people. At a time when the PKK was the dominant force in the People's Revolutionary War

The Barzani family's relations with the Turkish state are strategic, it hampers Kurdish national unity. The Barzanis among the Kurds at this stage became the trend of the complicit, treacherous, and fascist mentality.

The Barzani administration seeks to neutralize its political opponents by moving toward a one-party system in Başûr to gain power.

Such treacherous attempts occurred many times, in the years since 1992, where it united with Saddam Hussein's army in the mid-1990s and took Erbil from the PUK and seized the parliament. It is now uniting with the Turkish state to attack the Kurdistan Workers' Party.

The mentality of treason has not changed in thirty years and has grown fascist, this war launched in the spring of 2022, it targets all the gains made by the Kurds, and aims to liquidate the PKK and hopes of free peoples. This war serves Turkish regional interests and sacrifices the Kurds, furthermore it will pose a threat to Iran, Iraq, Rojava, Arab countries and Russia as well. This should be realized by now. The KDP should know how dirty their alliance.

No one has an interest in this war of treason except the Turkish state, it wouldn't be good in the long run for the Barzani family either. Let them know that after the PKK, their turn will come. They will become servants of the Turkish state sooner or later.

Despite all the unilateral efforts of PKK, the Barzani family was more associated with the fascist Turkish state. This state is greedy for Kurdistan's oil, and on top of this, it is trying to control this energy transit route on its own.

The complicit administration that betrayed its own people will always be a treacherous ally of the Turkish state. Those who betrayed their own people during the Kurdish uprisings lost their lives while awaiting these rewards for their service.

Both the Turkish state and Barzani want to carry out a major liquidation through the war against the PKK. Our people flocked to the squares with great sensitivity. The Kurds are showing a firm stance and must continue until they achieve the desired results. The spread of the war means that disaster is imminent for the Kurds.

Source: ​​​​​​​12 soldiers of Turkish occupation army killed in Zap - ANHA | HAWARNEWS | English


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