US Records Over 140 Mass Shootings So Far In 2022 As Biden Moves To Tackle Gun Violence

The United States has witnessed more than 140 mass shootings so far in 2022, according to the data published by the research group Gun Violence Archive on Monday. The Gun Violence Archive said that there were 144 mass shootings and at least five mass murders so far this year. The organisation has explained that it has been collecting data daily from about 7,500 sources and the number of incidents has been “reported and verified”. 

Gun Violence Archive published its 2022 statistics collected till now amid recently reignited debate in the United States over gun control measures due to the increase of mass shootings across the nation. Critics of gun control measures have said that there are just enough laws that control the sale and use of firearms. According to the opponents of additional laws for gun control, the main problem is not the guns but the socio-economic policies of US President Joe Biden’s administration which have triggered poverty, homelessness and overall social crisis. 

The Biden administration has been unveiling fresh measures to tackle the dramatic increase in mass shootings including a proposal that bars the spread of “ghost guns”. The term, ghost guns, refers to the firearms which are bought in parts and assembled by the buyer. However, Biden has not yet implemented the harsher actions that he had initially promised such as introducing background checks for gun buyers. US President had also vowed to ban “assault” rifles. It is the Second Amendment to the United States Consitution which guarantees the right of Americans to keep and bear arms. 

US rocked by 4 mass shootings on Easter Weekend

Four mass shootings rocked the United States this Eastern weekend and gun violence broke out in Pittsburgh, Portland in Oregon, and two locations in South Carolina. The latest incidents came in the backdrop of a mass shooting incident in New York that led to 10 people injured after a man opened fire on a crowded subway station.

Just earlier this month, on April 3, shots rang out in the streets of Sacramento, California which left 12 dead and six injured. Two minors died in Pittsburgh; 14 were injured in two incidents in South Carolina and one person has been arrested; & one man was left dead and three minors were wounded in Portland, according to the Associated Press. 

Source: US records over 140 mass shootings so far in 2022 as Biden moves to tackle gun violence (


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