In Andhra Pradesh, a string of jolts for the Maoists

The growing rift between tribal leaders and non-tribal leaders is a major issue in the CPI(Maoist)

The banned Communist Party of India (Maoist)` would probably like to forget 2021. It not only suffered setbacks in the Andhra-Odisha Border (AOB) region in Visakhapatnam district, which the left-wing extremists consider as their strongest fortress after the Dandakaranya region, but also received strong jolts in its self-proclaimed ‘red corridor’ region.

The chief of the Andhra Odisha Border Special Zonal Committee, Akkiraju Haragopal alias Ramakrishna alias R.K., died after a prolonged illness in October, six top leaders were killed by the Greyhounds in June in Koyyuru mandal in the Visakhapatnam Agency, and 26 cadres including Central Committee (CC) member Milind Teltumbde were killed during a gun battle by the C-60 force of Maharashtra in Gadchiroli. Other setbacks included the arrest of Polit Buro and CC member Prashant Bose alias Kishan da and his wife Sheela Marandi, also a CC member, and the expulsion of another senior CC and Polit Buro member Kobad Ghandy, for anti-party activities.



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