The Week Unwrapped: child soldiers, gender disparity and saving techno

Child soldiers

The ranks of child soldiers in Colombia is on the rise as armed groups treat the pandemic as a recruitment opportunity. A perfect storm has been brewing as the emergence of new militias coincides with the closure of schools and worsening economic deprivation. So how are professional gunmen luring children into their cause - and what can be done to stop the flow of children signing up to join them?

Gender disparity

The gender pay gap has barely budged over the last 25 years once increases in women’s education are accounted for, a new report from the Institute for Fiscal Studies has revealed. The 40% earnings gap is now about 25% lower than it was in the mid-nineties, but the progress towards pay parity is very modest given that women are now five percentage points more likely to have a university degree than men. So why has such little progress been made in the last quarter of a century?

Saving techno

DJs, musicians and fans have entered a bid to Unesco to have Berlin’s techno scene protected as a case of Intangible Cultural Heritage. This would give clubs and venues the opportunity to apply for government subsidies to alleviate the financial hit caused by Covid-19. But would Unesco status somewhat kill the party vibe? 



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