The day Bhutto tore his speech & walked out off UN

Pakistan's foreign minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto accused the UN Security Council of “legalising aggression" and walked out, virtually signalling that Islamabad had lost East Pakistan

December 15, 1971 was truly a critical day. Yahya’s government issued a warning to the people of West Pakistan that the ‘situation in East Pakistan was very critical’. After a long censorship such an official news item created panic among the populace. People turned to foreign news broadcasts and became more nervous after every bulletin. 

On this day, the UN Security Council was convened at Pakistan’s request, which was to be addressed by Bhutto. It was his third address and can be called a very fiery speech. 
The evening before, Bhutto was advised by Kissinger: “Pakistan would not be saved by mock-tough rhetoric … The next 48 hours would be decisive. We should not waste them in posturing for history books."



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