PKK terrorists attack Peshmerga fighters near Iraq-Syria border

 PKK terrorists attacked Peshmerga fighters in Iraq's Faysh Khabur region controlled by the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) near the border with Syria, reports said Thursday.

The terrorists used Molotov cocktails, sticks and stones to attack the security forces, Anadolu Agency (AA) reported, citing an official statement by Faysh Khabur unofficial border gate official Shawkat Barbukhari.

Over 100 terrorists took part in the attack, Barbukhari said.

Some security forces were severely injured and have been hospitalized to receive treatment, he added.

Tensions between the PKK and the KRG have been on the rise since last December when the PKK terrorist organization moved in against the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), the largest party in the semiautonomous KRG region.

The PKK increased multifaceted terrorist attacks by targeting legitimate representatives of the Kurdish people in northern Iraq. The targets include Peshmerga forces and police officers, while the terrorist group also kidnaps civilians, targets diplomatic missions and incites violence at peaceful protests in the KRG.

The PKK accuses the Irbil administration of collaborating with Turkey in its successful anti-terror operations in northern Iraq and is therefore attacking Peshmerga forces in the KRG.

The PKK has bases across Turkey's southern border in northern Iraq, in the KRG region, where it plots attacks against Turkey.



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