Fighting Maoists: Govt To Complete Pending Work On 215 Km Stretch Of Roads In Chhattisgarh

 New Delhi:  Amid the decreasing Maoist footprints in Chhattisgarh, the government has been focusing on completing around a 215 km stretch on 12 critical roads in the state at the earliest.

The central security forces deployed in Chhattisgarh have been tasked to provide adequate security during the construction work on these roads.

The construction work on these 12 roads, located deep in the Naxal dominated belt, has been planned in ‘Mission Mode’ and adequate cover will be provided by both the state and central security forces.

Among these 12 roads, five fall in Sukma district, four are in Bijapur district, one in Dantewada while two roads are located on the Bijapur-Sukma border and the Dantewada-Sukma border. Once completed, these roads will not only facilitate government development work such as education, health and other basic facilities but also pave the way for domination of the security forces over the Maoists in their strongest base.

According to sources, two such roads — one connecting Bheji to Chintagufa (which is to be about 30 km long) and the other an 8 km stretch from Golapalli to Paidagudem — were sanctioned in 2012 and 2015 but the work on these roads is yet to begin. However, the government has set a target of completing a 10 km stretch of the Bheji-Chintagufa road by June next year and the entire Golapalli-Paidagudem stretch is to be built by March next year.

These roads were sanctioned between 2010 and 2015 but work could not be completed due to security reasons, sources in the security set up said.

Similarly, the 70 km long Basaguda-Jagargunda road, falling in Bijapur and Sukma district, was sanctioned in 2013 and 18 km of construction is left while on the 23 km long Aranpur-Jagargunda section, only 11 km is pending. Work on the remaining part has not been started due to security reasons.

On the 27.8 km Bheji-Chintagufa road, the construction work has not begun because of security reasons but the officials said that 10 km will be completed by June 2022 whereas the eight km long Golapalli-Paidagudem road in Sukma district will be completed by March 22.

On the 52 km critical road Nelasner-Gangloor in Bijapur district, 12 km will be completed by June next year out of the remaining 34 km. The officials added that 10 km of the Konta- Golapalli road in Sukma will be completed by March 2022. The total length of this road is 44 km and six kms has been completed so far.

A 15 km stretch on the Palli-Barsoor road in Dantewada district will be completed by June next year. The total length of this road is 38.8 km out of which work on 23 km has been completed.

Another important road leading to the Maoist bastion, the 26 km long Usar-Dharmavaram road in Bijapur has bridges at Chintavagu area but only two culverts and one bridge has been constructed as of now.

Sources in the security force said that once these roads are completed, the security forces will be able to choke the supply lines and movement of the ultras in the hardcore den in the Baster region.



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