Andhra Pradesh: Maoists Left Wing Extremists face big blow in 2021

 VISAKHAPATNAM: The banned outfit CPI Maoists faces a big blow in the year 2021 as they lost their main cadres either in surrenders or arrests, besides a few in encounters. 

The revolutionary movement of naxal faced a setback for the first time after 21 years of the formation of the Andhra Odisha Border (AOB) Special Zonal Committee. 
The movement in AOB had faced many ups and downs in the two decades, but it had never faced such conditions as in the year 2021 as it had lost two of its special zonal committee members Dubasi Sankar alias Pedda Mahender and Muttannagari Jalandhar Reddy alias Krishna in the form of arrests. While the guiding force of the AOB SZC, the central committee leader Akkiraju Haragopal alias RK alias Ramakrishna died due to severe illness. A big jolt was received by the naxal with these conditions apart from many arrests and surrenders, besides a few key leaders were encountered. 
While the divisional committee members (DCMs) Chikkudu Chinna Rao alias Sudhir alias Kundram Sudhir surrendered and Ranadev and doctor Ashok were encountered. More than seven Area Committee Members (ACMs) Rame of Kannavaram, Setu, Sweta, Anil from Cut off area, Taike and Rame of Chattisgarh, and also ACM Hari of Kumkumpudi were either arrested or encountered. 
The outlawed wing was further weakened with the arrests of Dalam members Janaki of Nallabelli, Lalitha, wife of Sudhir, and Azad alias Bheemudu of Mettuguda, besides Daya who was encountered. 
“We have had great success this year as many top leaders have surrendered or been arrested. The movement in AOB has come to a grinding halt now. Reds were confined to small pockets on the border only,” the Visakha Rural SP Dr. B Krishna Rao told TOI. 
Six Naxals were encountered at the Teegalametta area where the doctor Ashok and Ranadev along with four others were killed. As per the statistics, 36 militia members were arrested and around 10 were surrendered. 
A senior police officer in the anti naxal activities told TOI that the entire movement in AOB has weakened after continuous encounters, arrests. The Maoists party has only big names like Chalapati, who is allegedly not in AOB, East Division secretary Aruna, senior-most Kakuri Pandanna alias Jagan and Pedapadu Raja are the big names in the Galikonda Area now. 
“It would take minimum five to eight years to revive the movement in the Visakha agency, as the security forces had arrested all the second string leadership, which is key in continuing the movement,” a senior inspector working in Visakha agency commented.



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