3 Islamic State Terrorists Killed In Peshawar Intelligence-Based Operation

Three terrorists and a senior commander belonging to the Islamic State (IS) were killed in an intelligence-based operation in Peshawar.

Capital City Police Officer Abbas Ahsan said that the terrorists killed in the operation had taken part in several incidents of targeted killings and other incidents of terrorism. The operation was conducted on Monday.

He said that cops were looking for them when they got information about their presence at Ring Road cemetery in Faqirabad area. When the police came to the site, the terrorists opened fire on them.

In retaliatory firing by the police, three terrorists were killed. According to reports, three Kalashnikovs, pistols and explosives were recovered from the terrorists targeted in the operation.

Identified as Abdullah, Suliman and Hayat, all of them belonged to the banned Islamic State.

The police said that the terrorists had murdered a Sikh hakim Satnam Singh in Faqirabad in September. They had also attacked policemen in the city, as per the authorities.

Source: https://www.thefridaytimes.com/3-islamic-state-terrorists-killed-in-peshawar-intelligence-based-operation/


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