Uganda: 'Parliament Was the Target of the Terrorists,' Say Security Sources

 Parliament was the main target of the bomb explosion that went off along Parliamentary Avenue in Kampala yesterday, security sources have told The Nile Post.

The improvised explosive device bomb exploded near Raja Chambers, which is within spitting distance of Parliament, injuring scores of people and destroying property.

Sources have now told The Nile Post that the information gathered so far from one of the alleged suspects, Musa Mudasiri.

Mudasiri, who succumbed to injuries yesterday shortly after arrest in Bwaise told security that Parliament had been their major target.

"He confessed that they have been planning to hit Parliament because it is a strategic installation," sources knowledgeable about the investigation told The Nile Post.

Sources said that the suicide bomber, who President Museveni identified as Wanjusi Abdalla, had been tasked with this role.

However, speculation is that he could have developed cold feet and decided to detonate the bomb near Raja Chambers.

Museveni names suicide bombers who carried out Kampala twin explosions

"The target were the MPs because that would make bigger news," the source said.

Security has been beefed up at Parliament and yesterday, the deputy speaker cancelled a scheduled plenary session.

Kampala yesterday became a centre of chaos after two bombs went off simultaneously killing six people including three suspected terrorists. At least 30 people were injured according to police.

Security sources also told The Nile Post that they believe a number of bomb plots are in the pipeline and urged the public to remain vigilant.

Sources said that the terrorists are likely to target crowded places for maximum impact.

This morning, security was still combing the the scenes were the bombs went off, while many people opted to stay away from the city centre for fear of being caught up in another bomb blast.



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