Taliban Make Indian Embassy Attacker Associated With al-Qaeda Kabul Governor


Qari Baryal and his network have been known to facilitate the movement of weapons, explosives, and suicide bombers from the Pakistan border to Kabul.

Commander of the network that attacked the Indian embassy in Kabul. Associated with the al-Qaeda and Pakistan’s ISI. His name is Qari Baryal. And the Taliban have appointed him Kabul’s new governor. The decision, unsurprisingly, has not gone down well with India.

Baryal regularly received cash from Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps for the attacks that he orchestrated. His network pooled fighters and resources from the Taliban, al-Qaeda, the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, the Islamic Jihad Union, the Turkistan Islamic Party, and Hizb-I-Islami Gulbuddin to attack Kabul.

Baryal is apparently close to the Inter-Services Intelligence and affiliated groups.

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He and his network have been known to facilitate the movement of weapons, explosives, and suicide bombers from the Pakistan border to Kabul.

This is the second big appointment by the Taliban from the group that attacked Kabul.

Earlier, Mullah Taj Mir Jawal, one of the Kabul Attack Network’s top two leaders, was appointed the Taliban’s first deputy of intelligence.

The Qari Baryal Network has also helped plan and coordinate numerous attacks on military bases in the provinces of Kabul and Parwan, including the coalition’s sprawling airbase in Bagram.

Baryal’s appointment took place a few days ago as part of the appointment of 44 Taliban leaders at the district level, and all of these nominees are hardliners in the movement.

“We are upset with this move of the Taliban," top Indian government sources said. “On the one hand, they say we should have confidence-building measures in place. On the other hand, this appointment has shaken our faith in our possible move of joining hands with the new Afghan government. Qari Baryal attacked the Indian embassy in Kabul and how can we now think of opening our embassy in Kabul. The Taliban government should give faith to the international community by appointing reasonable leaders. This appointment will take the relationship on a different tangent."

Source: https://www.news18.com/news/world/exclusive-taliban-make-indian-embassy-attacker-associated-with-al-qaeda-kabul-governor-4453736.html


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