Over 1.8 mln square metres of land cleared of landmine in Angola's Lunda Sul

 Luanda [Angola], November 18 (ANI/Xinhua): More than 1.8 million square metres of land was cleared from landmines in 2021 in Lunda Sul province, Angola, the National Institute for Demining announced on Wednesday.

According to the head of the department of the Institution Jose Dumba, the demining actions were done in agricultural areas and in the construction site of new infrastructures in Saurimo, the capital of Lunda Sul province.
The official explained that during the process, 1,524 unexploded ordnance devices were removed, with emphasis on anti-tank mines, anti-personnel, grenades, PRG, unexploded ordnance, 60 and 80 MM projectiles, cannon, large and small ammunition cartridges, fuses, and various metals.

He underlined that the institution is doing demining work throughout the entire length of Lunda Sul province.
Dumba added that the clearing of the areas will allow the increase of cultivation areas and free movement of people and goods with greater security.
On the occasion, he appealed to the citizens to continue to alert the authorities about the suspicious areas, to prevent accidents caused by the handling of unexploded ordnance.

Source: https://www.aninews.in/news/world/others/over-18-mln-square-metres-of-land-cleared-of-landmine-in-angolas-lunda-sul20211118154935/


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