New strikes kill 125 Yemen rebels near Marib: coalition

 The coalition said the rebels were killed in "22 operations targeting vehicles and militia members" over the previous 24 hours, the Saudi state news agency reported.

According to the coalition, the operations took place in Sirwah to the east of Marib city and Al-Bayda province to the south and also destroyed 14 military vehicles.

The Saudi-led coalition has been reporting high death tolls in almost daily strikes since October amid a campaign to prevent the rebels from capturing the strategic northern city.

The Huthis rarely comment on the tolls, which have surpassed 3,000 in total according to coalition figures. AFP cannot independently verify these numbers.

Earlier on Thursday, the coalition said it conducted "air strikes on legitimate military targets in Sanaa and Saada (in the north) including sites for ballistic missiles, drones and weapons depots" belonging to the Huthis.

The coalition intervened militarily in 2015 to prop up the internationally recognised Yemeni government after the Iran-backed Huthis seized the capital Sanaa the year before.

Since the start of the conflict, tens of thousands of people have been killed and millions displaced, precipitating what the UN has described as the "world's worst humanitarian crisis".

UN special envoy Hans Grundberg concluded a three-day tour of Yemen on Thursday -- part of a bid to resuscitate the long-stalled peace process.

The envoy pointed to "the need for comprehensive solutions and inclusive political dialogue", according to a statement from his office.



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