Manipur: Indian Army, Police apprehend two PLA & KCP terrorists in joint operation

In a massive breakthrough for security forces, Assam Rifles and Manipur police have apprehended two terrorists on Monday in a joint operation, two days after the ambush attack on a convoy of Indian Army Commanding Officer. The terrorists have been handed over to state police for further investigation. 

The initial reports suggest that the terrorists reportedly belong to Manipur-based People's Liberation Army (PLA) and Kangleipak Communist Party. 

Convoy of 46 AR CO attacked in Manipur

On Saturday, Colonel Viplav Tripathi, the Commanding Officer of 46 Assam Rifles of Khuga Battalion, his wife and son and four personnel of the paramilitary force were killed in a welter of IED blasts and burst of gunfire in Manipur's Churachandpur district on Saturday.

The CO's convoy wat at Sehkan village when the Improvised Explosive Device exploded, followed by bullets from hilltops as security forces ducked for cover and retaliated from behind trees and boulders.

"Five soldiers including Col Viplav Tripathi Commanding Officer of 46 Assam Rifles have made the supreme sacrifice in the line of duty. The family of the Commanding Officer, i.e. wife and child also lost their lives in the incident. DG and all ranks of Assam Rifles offer condolences to the brave soldiers and families of the deceased," the force said in a press statement.

PLA, MNPF claim responsibility for the attack

Hours after the attack, PLA and Manipur Naga People’s Front (MNPF) claimed responsibility for the ambush. The terrorist organisation, however, condemned the demise of Co's wife and son. They said that the attack was in reprisal to hostility by Assam rifles in the name of the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act (AFSPA).



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