Germany .. Banned 3 associations accused of donating to the Lebanese Hezbollah militia

 The German Interior Ministry has announced a ban on three associations accused of donatingof the Lebanese Hezbollah militia supported by Iran.

These associations are alternative organizations and structures to the banned “Orphan Project” association in Germany in 2014 and later renamed Colors for Orphans.

These associations operate through the same structures, leaders, human and material resources and address the same target groups.

The German Interior Ministry confirms that these associations, under the pretext of religious and humanitarian purposes in Germany, collect donations for the “Foundation of the martyrs”, or the families of the dead of Hezbollah.

On April 30, 2020, Germany announced a total ban on Hezbollah on its territory, with a decision that provides for the suspension of the party’s activities and the raising of its symbols, banners and slogans. in the whole European country.

The German intelligence agency, affiliated with the German state of Saxony, revealed a significant increase in the number of Lebanese Hezbollah members and supporters months ago in its new report. According to the intelligence report, the number of supporters and members increased from 1,050 in 2019 to 1,250 in 2020.

The number of Hezbollah members and supporters in Saxony alone is around 180, an increase of 20 from 160 in 2019.

The report stated that “Hezbollah, which was established with the help of Iran, embraces an extremist ideological ideology and uses terrorist means against its opponents. Hezbollah followers also maintain organizational and ideological cohesion in local mosque associations. , which are mainly financed through donations “.

Last year, the German Interior Ministry banned all Hezbollah activities on the territory of the Federal Republic. Hezbollah was mentioned 37 times in the 436-page intelligence document, which covered the year 2020. The report documents the security threats of Saxony’s constitutional and democratic order.

In addition to Germany, the entire Hezbollah movement has been designated as a terrorist organization by the United States of America, the Arab League, the Netherlands, Israel, Canada, the United Kingdom, Austria, the Czech Republic, Japan, Lithuania, Slovenia and several other European countries. and Latin. . France, Spain, Italy and the European Union have designated Hezbollah’s so-called military wing as a terrorist entity.



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