Al-Kerala Military Brigade prepares for final jihad, 3200 sleeper cells active, 40% of them women: report

 Kerala has been a breeding ground for Islamic terrorists from the past. Now a new report published by the ‘anti-terror cyber wing India’ has stated the presence of 3,200 sleeper cells linked with ISIS in Kerala, reports Janmabhumi daily. The report states that every sleeper cell has 10 members, amounting to 32,000 sleeper cell members and they are preparing for the final Jihad in Kerala. 

The report says that around 40% of the sleeper cell members are women and most of them are converted Muslims.

These sleeper cell members are trained to manipulate discussion in social media, spread Jihad ideas and lure people to terror activities. They are also trained to use arms and some of them are experts in bomb-making. The report also states that there is sleeper cell in all the major sectors including movie and entertainment. Such people are lured by offering money, sex and high paying jobs outside India.

Kerala has a bad record for anti-national organisations operating from its soil and people travelling to Iraq and Syria for joining ISIS. 



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