Afghanistan: Deadly bomb blast in Shiite neighborhood in Kabul

 A bomb blast killed at least one person in a neighborhood of Kabul populated largely by people from the Hazara Shiite minority on Wednesday, the Taliban confirmed.

The explosion happened in the Dast-e-Barchi district. One civilian was killed and six were injured, Interior Ministry spokesperson Qari Sayeed Khosty said on Twitter. Other witnesses reported more casualties.

"Our initial information shows the bomb was attached to a minibus. We have launched an investigation," a Taliban official told the AFP news agency.

"I heard a huge explosion. ... When I looked around a minibus and a taxi were on fire," he added.

Pictures of burnt-out vehicles were being shared on social media. 

Who is behind the attack?

A second explosion in another part of the city was also reported, but Taliban officials said they were still gathering information.

Kabul has been rocked by a series of blasts in recent days, with the city's Shiite minority frequently the target of the attacks.

Last week, a bomb destroyed another minibus in the same area, killing a journalist and injuring several others. The so-called Islamic State-Khorasan (IS-K) militant group claimed responsibility for the attack and boasted of killing "20 Shiite apostates."

IS-K opposes Taliban rule and has increased its attacks in Afghanistan since they took power in August.

No person or group has yet claimed responsibility for Wednesday's attack.



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