Terrorists check ID, shoot Sikh principal, Pandit teacher in J&K: Minority Hindus & Sikhs targeted killed

 SRINAGAR: Terrorists shot dead a woman school principal from the Kashmiri Sikh community and a Kashmiri Pandit teacher after demanding to see their identity cards inside a government-run campus in Srinagar's Eidgah locality on Thursday, two days after a prominent Kashmiri Pandit businessman of the city and a migrant roadside vendor from Bihar were gunned down within hours of each other. 

Three pistol-wielding terrorists barged into Sangam Eidgah Boys' Higher Secondary School around 10.30am and singled out 44-year-old Supinder Kour and her colleague Deepak Chand after confirming who among the staff were from any community other than Kashmiri Muslims, eyewitnesses said. Both were escorted out of the building and shot multiple times before the assailants walked out of the campus, they said. Chand died instantly while Kour succumbed to her injuries en route to hospital. 

No students were present as offline classes have not resumed; only staff members are required to be present for a few hours every day. 

Source: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/terrorists-check-id-shoot-sikh-principal-pandit-teacher-in-jk/articleshow/86853303.cms


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