Suspected YPG attack in Syria’s Afrin kills four

 At least four people were killed in a terrorist attack in Syria’s northern Afrin city when a car bomb exploded. The most likely perpetrator of the attack is the PKK terrorist group’s Syrian wing, the YPG, which attacks areas controlled by Turkey on a regular basis.

The blast wounded another six people, a medical source told Reuters.

Afrin was largely cleared of YPG terrorists in 2018 through Turkey's counterterrorism offensive Operation Olive Branch, and was set on a path toward normalization with several restorations of hospitals, schools and other vital facilities.

Despite all these positive developments, the YPG continues to target residential areas and civilians in Afrin by using Tal Rifaat, located in the southeast of Afrin, as a base. Local people living in areas held by the YPG have long suffered from its atrocities, as the terrorist organization has a notorious record of human rights abuses, ranging from kidnappings, recruitment of child soldiers, torture, ethnic cleansing and forced displacement in Syria. The YPG has forced young people from areas under its control to join its forces within the so-called "compulsory conscription in the duty of self-defense."



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