Some people look at human rights with political calculations: PM Modi

 NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said that looking at human rights with an eye on political gains and loss harms these rights as well as democracy. He said some people try to dent country's image in name of human rights. 

Speaking at the 28th National Human Rights Commission Foundation (NHRC) Day programme, PM Modi said some people see human rights violations in the same type of incident and the same people do not see human rights violations in any other such incident. 
"Some people try to dent country's image in name of human rights, we need to be alert about it," PM Modi said. 
"Human rights are grossly violated when they are viewed with a political color, viewed through a political lens, weighed with the scales of political profit and loss. This kind of selective behavior is equally harmful for democracy," PM said. 



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