Savage! Over 100 killed in bloodiest prison massacre in this country, atleast 5 beheaded

 A recent prison riot in Ecuador will be remembered for the brutality of its gory attacks. After initially reporting 30 casualties from the riot that broke out this Tuesday, authorities in the South American country have updated the death toll to more than 100 prisoners.

52 others were left grievously injured in the gruesome brawl at the Litoral Penitentiary in Ecuador.

The Ecuador government agency responsible for prisons, the National Service for Comprehensive Attention to Adults Deprived of Liberty and Adolescent Offenders (SNAI), said on Twitter, “The @SNAI_Ec reports that up to now more than 100 deceased inmates and 52 injured have been confirmed during the incidents that occurred Tuesday.”

Investigation is underway into what was the second deadly prison riot in Ecuador this year with the country confronting a major prison crisis. Agencies including the National Police of Ecuador and the Ecuadorian Prosecutor`s Office are probing the attacks.

Earlier in February 2020, 79 prisoners at 4 facilities were left dead while over 20 were injured in a series of “coordinated riots”. Even police officers were injured in the February riots.

After the deadly prison riot, Ecuadorian President Guillermo Lasso declared a state of emergency across the country’s prison system for a 60-day period to avoid more such riots.



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