Observer: Turkey aims to destroy Kurds

Political analyst and observer on Turkish affairs Mohamed Abu Sabha said that the Turkish president Receb Tayyip Erdogan succeeded in functioning the so-called Syrian opposition to annihilate the Kurdish existence in Syria.

October 9 marked the second annual anniversary of the occupation of Sere Kaniye and Gire Spi by the Turkish occupation forces and he affiliated mercenary groups  that committed war crimes in both cities against people all documented by concerned international bodies.  

Mohamed Abu Sabha, Political analyst and observer on Turkish affairs, in an interview with ANHA said: ''today after years of interferences by Turkey in Syria, the outcome is wide and blatant breaches against the Kurds at the hands of Erdoganic militants and the reduction of land under the opposition in favor of the Syrian Regime.

Abu Sabha noted that ''though the Kurds are an indigenous part of Syria's fabric, the Turkish president Receb Tayyip Erdogan succeeded to function the so-called Syrian opposition to annihilate the Kurdish existence in Syria. 

Abu Sabha went on to say that day after another Russia hands over territories that used to be under opposition control to Syrian government via reconciliation deals while Erdogan that pledged to hold prayers in the Umayyad Mosque just looks at them as they hand over their arms that was used in fighting Kurds and head to Idlib exactly as it happened in Afrin. Daraa is the latest to be handed over to the Syrian government. Based on insistence by Bashar Assad and determination by Russia it is difficult to expect Idlib to remain properly under opposition control.

Abu Sabha indicated that the main aim of the Turkish presence in Syria is to destroy Kurds and not to enable the opposition or to combat ISIS. We can go back in memory to the Kobane ISIS siege 2014 when the Turkish army was behind borders watching as ISIS fighters were committing there a massacre. 

Today Erdogan has succeeded in two points, the first is deporting Syrian refugees from Turkey in line with a political solution in Syria after the so many years of the military option and the second abandonment by the US of supporting NES''. 



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