India is concerned about the increase in terrorism in Africa

 MoS V. Muraleedharan lamented on the member states for encouraging terrorist forces and groups in Africa.

New Delhi: India on Tuesday (October 12) expressed serious concern on the 'increase' in the spread of terrorism in Africa and lamented that many member states have had encouraged the terror groups.

"The increasing spread of terrorism in Africa is a matter of serious concern. What is even more unfortunate is that these terrorist forces and groups are receiving encouragement from member-states which seek to divide communities by legitimizing terrorist activities," Minister of State for External Affairs, V. Muraleedharan, said addressing in UNSC High-Level Open Debate' Peacebuilding and sustaining peace-Diversity, State-building and the search for peace'.

He said the UN Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy has reinforced yet again that terrorism cannot be justified under any ground and that no country should provide an excuse for such activities. 

It is equally important that UN organizations take the Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy as a 'template' and "not give any encouragement or excuse, even indirectly".

"We believe the UN system as a whole should work closely with member states and regional organizations in line with their national requirements and needs and not advocate imposition of ideas or solutions from outside," he said.

Terrorism is a clear manifestation of how forces inimical to unity and diversity can seek to destroy the social cohesion and democratic fabric of countries by fomenting disaffection, hatred and violence, the Minister said.

Mr. Muraleedharan further said: "India has always played a constructive and significant role in the context of peacebuilding through its extensive development partnership with developing countries, particularly in Africa and Asia."

The minister added that India would continue to be "a pillar of strength for all developing countries" in their transition to development, progress, and prosperity.



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