Hamas reject Egypt proposal to form unity gov't with Fatah

 Hamas has rejected an Egyptian proposal to form a unity government with Fatah, citing previous unity agreements foiled by the secular Palestinian movement.

In remarks made to Arabi Post yesterday, Hamas spokesman Abdul-Latfi Al-Qanou said: "Hamas' vision is to reevaluate the national temporary mechanisms. It had been proposed to end the internal division."

Meanwhile, he stressed: "Hamas' vision is to continue the agreed-upon deals reached by Hamas, Fatah, and the other Palestinian factions that the Palestinian people should choose their leadership through elections."

These remarks came following the report published by Israeli newspaper Haaretz which revealed an American proposal made for Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas to form a government with the participation of Hamas or a technocrat administration that would recognise all PLO agreements with Israel and renounce resistance.

Egypt proposed Hamas take part in a partnership with Fatah to form a government that would carry out the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip because the US and Israel have rejected channeling donations to Gaza while Hamas is in control.

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Al-Qanou stressed that his movement "rejects all the Israeli and American attempts to link the reconstruction of Gaza to any other political issue."

Meanwhile, Hamas asked Egypt to put pressure on PA President Mahmoud Abbas to issue a presidential decree to carry out the elections, which he cancelled several months ago, in order to let the Palestinians choose their leadership "freely and democratically."

Source: https://www.middleeastmonitor.com/20211013-hamas-reject-egypt-proposal-to-form-unity-govt-with-fatah/


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