Taliban once used sticky bombs to attack. Now, they are the target

 The Kabul airport blast in August and the subsequent explosions in many places in Afghanistan prove that the Islamic State is using the Taliban's tactic to attack the new government in Afghanistan. AReuters report analysed the recent attacks and said that though the Taliban are underplaying the threat from the ISIS-Khorasan, the danger is real.

The report said that the attackers used the same tactic the Taliban once used - pasting sticky bombs to the underside of the cars. This was the Taliban's operation style and using this they attacked officials and civil society figures.

"We are worried about these sticky bombs that once we used to apply to target our enemies in Kabul. We are concerned about our leadership as they could target them if not controlled them successfully," one of the Taliban intelligence officials told Reuters.

While the return of the Taliban to power in Afghanistan has apparently bolstered groups like ISIS-K and al Qaeda, ISIS-K is now a threat to the Taliban government.

The Taliban have claimed to have killed three ISIS-K men on Wednesday night but according to intelligence officials Reuters spoke to, the group is still capable of striking an attack.

The ISIS-K first emerged in late 2014 and then declined around 2018 as they were targetted by both the Taliban and the US forces. According to analysts, ISIS-K has a strength of under 2,000 fighters and it draws many of its fighters from the ranks of the Taliban or Pakistan's TTP. The release of the prisoners by the Taliban, after it captured Afghanistan strengthened the organisation to some extent, though its fund has dried up. While there are visible signs of resentment in the Taliban amid reports of clashes between the Taliban and the Haqqani, teh ISIS-K has the chance of gaining new members, the report said.

Source: https://www.msn.com/en-in/news/world/taliban-once-used-sticky-bombs-to-attack-now-they-are-the-target/ar-AAOKuSB?ocid=BingNews


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