“Are we not part of Muslim ‘Ummah’?”, ask Uyghurs as Taliban plans to deport them to China for money

 After the Taliban took over Kabul on August 15, there are growing apprehensions among the Uyghurs living in Afghanistan who fear they might be sent back to China in lieu of large sums of money.

Some two thousand Uyghur Muslims are living in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan at present and there are reports that the Taliban fighters have taken Uygher girls according to a report by Radio Free Asia.

International Islamic terror group Al Qaeda Al Qaeda which called on the masses in “Europe and East Asia to break free from the shackles of American hegemony”, did not say anything when it came to the treatment of the Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang in China.

Al Qaeda had congratulated the Taliban for its victory in Afghanistan and called for the “liberation” of Kashmir, Palestine, Maghreb (Northwest Africa) from the “clutches of the enemies of Islam” and called on the Ummah (global Islamic community) to come together. It must be noted that Al Qaeda continues to maintain close ties with the Taliban and the dreaded Haqqani Network.

China considers Uyghurs as secessionists. Over ten lakh ethnic Uyghurs are inside the so-called re-education camps which in reality are the Nazi-style concentration camps.

For China the East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM), an Uyghur militant group is a serious internal threat and it is known that fighters from ETIM helped the Taliban invade Afghanistan.

(News Source: TheCommuneMag)

Source: https://samvadaworld.com/featured/are-we-not-part-of-muslim-ummah-ask-uyghurs-as-taliban-plans-to-deport-them-to-china-for-money/


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