With a qualitative operation, Iraq announces the arrest of 7 ISIS terrorists

 Today, Sunday, the Iraqi intelligence agency announced the arrest of seven dangerous leaders of the terrorist organization Isis in the governorate of Nineveh, in the north of the country.

Security Media Cell said in a statement that the qualitative operation was conducted by the efforts of the Interior Ministry’s Federal Intelligence and Investigation Agency, according to the Iraqi News Agency (INA).

It also clarified that the agency’s agents carried out a qualitative intelligence operation which led to the arrest of 7 terrorists against whom arrest warrants were issued under Article 4 of Terrorism.

He added that the defendants confessed, after interrogation, to having worked with ISIS under the nicknames “Abu Anas, Abu Sufyan, Abu Zina, Abu Seif, Abu Fahd and Abu Mujahid”, noting that “measures have been taken. legal against them in compliance with the law “.

On the 2nd of this month, a force of the Counter-Terrorism Service in Iraq, in coordination with Kurdish “Asayish” forces, managed to arrest five terrorists, including leaders in Sulaymaniyah.

In addition, the Security Media Cell announced, at the end of last July, the arrest of the killer squad leader in the Salah al-Din governorate organization.

This happens in one moment in which the security forces are carrying out an operation inarea of Tarmiyah, north of the capital, Baghdad, to search for, purify and pursue the remains of ISIS gangs.

Source: With a qualitative operation, Iraq announces the arrest of 7 ISIS terrorists - Asume Tech


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