Khalistan-Pakistan elements have hijacked the farmers' protest: Punjab CM Capt Amarinder Singh

There have been several posters of Pro-Khalistan at the borders of Delhi, where the protests has been taking place.

Punjab Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh said that Pro-Khalistan and Pro-Pakistan elements have hijacked the farmers' protest.


The Chief Minister also claimed that these elements are spreading Covid-19.

It is not a secret that Khalistan and ISI are backing the farmers' protest.

The protestors at the borders of the national capital have been raising Khalistan slogans and hailing Bhindranwale, who led the Khalistan Movement back in the 1980s.

On Republic Day, the farmers marched to Delhi, injured many Delhi Police officers, and marched into the Red Fort.

They removed the National flag and hoisted the Khalistan Flag after banned Khalistan separatist organisation Sikh for Justice Chief. Pannu announced a cash prize for those who hoist the Khalistan flag on the red fort.

The same separatist announced the cash prize for those protestors who stop Prime Minister Narendra Modi from hoisting National Flag on Independence Day. 

Source: Khalistan-Pakistan elements have hijacked the farmers' protest: Punjab CM Capt Amarinder Singh - Organiser


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