'It's only a matter of time before another 9/11': Fears withdrawal from Afghanistan means US has 'taken eyes off overseas terrorism': Experts say airport security is weaker than ever

Fears that withdrawal from Afghanistan means the US has 'taken eyes off overseas terrorism' and experts say airport security is weaker than ever. 

Leaked data from TSA in 2015 and 2017 showed attempts by covert agents to smuggle in weapons, explosives and banned objects sometimes had a 95 percent success rate.  

And now insiders have become increasingly concerned over the potential threat of terrorism from Afghanistan, according to Fox News.  

Fears that withdrawal from Afghanistan means the US has 'taken eyes off overseas terrorism' and experts say airport security is weaker than ever

Former US Representative Peter King said: 'I'm worried we've taken our eyes off overseas terrorism when we need to be focusing on it most.

'Our presence in Afghanistan meant we had eyes and ears on Pakistan which has nuclear weapons that we need to monitor carefully. We're losing all that.' 

This comes as a Sunday report from Axios revealed Afghanistan fell to the Taliban much sooner than his top military leaders predicted.  

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley told a bipartisan group of senators during a Sunday call that a past assessment of how soon the terrorist groups will reemerge in Afghanistan will drastically speed up due to the events over the last week. 

Mark Milley told senators that they would update an assessment on the timeline of a terrorist group reemergence in Afghanistan from a 'medium threat' in two years time

On the call with Milley, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham asked if they will revise the assessment given to Congress in June that classified a 'medium' risk of terrorist group reconstituting within two years of withdrawal. 

'Yes,' Milley responded about changing the threat assessment report, according to Axios.  

The Department of Homeland Security issued a bulletin Friday, and sparked fears another 9/11 is possible, as the 20th anniversary could spur extremist violence.

'The TSA didn't learn from what happened before,' said former FAA Special Agent Brian Sullivan, as reported by the New York Post.

The Department of Homeland Security issued a bulletin Friday, and sparked fears another 9/11 is possible, as the 20th anniversary could spur extremist violence

He added that security failures exposed by the agency since then have opened the door to another.

His concern was seconded by ex-FAA and TSA Red Team leader Bogdan Dzakovic, who used to strap functional, hard-resin plastic guns to his ankle. 

He also taped fake explosives to his back and got past airport security multiple times in the late 1990s. 

Mr Dzakovic said they 'knew something like 9/11 would happen' and testified before Congress after the terror attack about his work.

However, he said his concerns were brushed aside and he believes a similar event could happen again.   

This comes after increased demand for air travel have left the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) so short on bodies that it's asking desk workers to help move things along.

Due to staffing shortages at 235 airports across the country, office workers were asked to volunteer at checkpoints on June 1 for at least 45 days, according to a May 30 memo obtained by the Washington Post.

The employees will not screen passengers, but will instead help officers manage the daunting lines that plague airports across the country as travel climbs back up post-pandemic.

Passenger counts have skyrocketed but the current demand for air travel has stretched the TSA thin, opening the door to more extremist attacks.   

The Taliban was able to seize control of Afghanistan much quicker than Biden and his military officials predicted. Here a Taliban militant holds rocket-propelled grenade on August 13 in Afghanistan's third biggest city, Herat

The original reason the U.S. engaged in Afghanistan in 2001 was to prevent terrorist threats to the homeland from the Middle Eastern nation.

After 20 years, and billions of dollars spent, President Joe Biden's total troop withdrawal left the region in disarray.

The Taliban was able to overtake a majority of Afghanistan in just over a week and garnered almost complete control by over taking 28 of Afghanistan's 34 provinces.

The Islamic militant forces breached the capital city of Kabul on Sunday as the U.S. flag was removed from the embassy there.

 American citizens were told to shelter in place as gunfire broke out at the airport. Afghani President Ashraf Ghani fled the country as the Taliban entered Kabul. 


Source: Fears withdrawal from Afghanistan means US has 'taken eyes off overseas terrorism' | Daily Mail Online


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