Taliban bans women from leaving home alone, force men to grow beard in captured Afghan districts

 Takhar [Afghanistan], July 2 (ANI): Taliban has reportedly issued news rules and regulations in the recently captured districts of Afghan Takhar province, including forbiding women from leaving home without a male relative and forcing men to grow beards.

The terror group has intensified attacks on district centres in a number of provinces in the past few weeks. On Thursday the group seized Tagab district in Kapisa province, The News International reported citing sources.

Civil society activists in Afghanistan's northeastern province of Takhar said the Taliban has ordered men to grow their beards, banned women from leaving home alone, and has set dowry regulations for girls.

"They urged women in a statement to not leave home without a male relative," said Merajuddin Sharifi, a civil society activist in Takhar. Sharifi added that the "Taliban insist on trials without evidence."

Members of the Takhar provincial council said food prices have increased substantially in areas that have fallen to the Taliban. "People are facing problems there; services are nonexistent, clinics, and schools are closed," said Mohammad Azam Afzali, a member of the Takhar provincial council.

Takhar governor meanwhile said that government buildings have been destroyed by the Taliban and services have been stopped in areas controlled by the Taliban.

"They (Taliban) looted everything, and no services exist," said Abdullah Qarluq, governor of Takhar.

Afghanistan is witnessing a surge in violence as the Taliban has intensified its offensive against civilians and Afghan defence and security forces. This comes as foreign forces are withdrawing from the war-torn country.

As the Taliban have taken control of several districts across the country, US intelligence assessments have suggested the country's civilian government could fall to the terror group within months of US forces withdrawing. (ANI)

Source: https://in.news.yahoo.com/taliban-bans-women-leaving-home-164943626.html


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