Sweden: Guards freed after hostage-taking by prison inmates

Stockholm [Sweden], July 22 (ANI): Two prison guards who were taken hostage on Wednesday (local time) at a penitentiary outside the Swedish city of Eskilstuna by two convicted men of serious crimes have been freed, local media reported.
Citing Dagens Nyheter, euronews reported that by 9.30 pm both of the guards had been freed and were unharmed. The two prisoners have been taken to Eskilstuna police station that is around 120 kilometres (75 miles) west of the capital, Stockholm.
Earlier, both convicts had broken into guard room during lunchtime at Hallby Prison armed with razor blades and barricaded themselves in with the hostages, reported euronews.

They demanded a helicopter for their use and 20 kebab pizzas for themselves and other inmates on their ward, reported Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet.
Pictures were later published showing pizzas being loaded into a car in Hallby, understood to be bound for the prison.
The Swedish Prison and Probation Service said it was a "very dangerous situation" The Swedish news agency TT said the pair were convicted murderers aged 24 and 30. (ANI)


Source: Sweden: Guards freed after hostage-taking by prison inmates (aninews.in)


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