Israel strikes Gaza after incendiary balloons launched

Israeli fighter jets carried out airstrikes on the Gaza Strip in response to incendiary balloons launched at southern Israel, according to security sources.

The sources said that late Saturday night, the Israeli war jets fired two missiles at a military training post south of Gaza city that belongs to al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of the Islamic Hamas movement, Xinhua news agency reported.

Several missiles also targeted various Hamas military posts in northern and western Gaza, said the sources, adding that no injury was reported while there were severe damages at the Hamas military posts and facilities.

Earlier on Saturday, Palestinian activists fired several incendiary balloons from the Gaza Strip at southern Israel, causing fires and damages.

No injury was reported.

Since the 11-day Israeli-Palestinian conflict ended on May 21, Israeli fighter jets carried out several airstrikes on Hamas military facilities and posts in response to incendiary balloons.

The Egypt brokered-ceasefire between Israel and Hamas-led militants groups continues in the Gaza Strip.

However, Gaza activists continued launching arson balloons at Israel, demanding that the Jewish state must end the 14 years’ blockade imposed on the impoverished enclave. 



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