Beware! THESE 9 Android apps caught stealing your Facebook details: Here's how to delete them

 Google Play Store is full of malicious apps that can affect any system. With the cases of hacking and cyber crimes increasing day by day, hackers have come up with unique ways to bypass Google's security gates for malicious apps on the Google Play Store. .

According to Doctor Web, a shocking revelation has been made whereas many as nine Android apps have been found stealing Facebook users' logins and passwords. These apps seem to be installed more than 5,856,010 times from the Google Play Store.

Doctor Web's malware analysts revealed that  9 out of 10 trojan apps exist on the Google Play Store. These Android apps are stealer trojans and were spread as harmless software. In order to get access to all of the apps' functions, and also to disable in-app ads, users were first asked to log onto their Facebook accounts and they were shown the replica of the Facebook login page which was almost similar to the original one. After that hackers somehow managed to access the user's Facebook credentials and even cookies which were sent to cybercriminals.

Doctor Web further reported these apps to Google and as a result, few of them are removed from the platform. Here are some of the apps that are in question here:

Processing Photo, PIP Photo

A photo-editing software app, Processing Photo is made by developer chikumburahamilton and it has been installed more than 500,000 times. This has been detected on Android. Another photo editing app called PIP Photo by developer Lillians was found by Dr Web and it has garnered over 5,000,000 downloads.

App Keep Lock, App Lock Manager, Lockit Master

This malware was supposed to lock your app so that others can't see or access it. App Keep Lock, App Lock Manager and Lockit Master were downloaded 50,000, 10,000 and 5,000 times, respectively. All three apps were further detected as Android.PWS.Facebook.13.

Horoscope Daily, Horoscope Pi

These Astrology apps were also found on Android.PWS.Facebook.13. Horoscope Daily by developer HscopeDaily momo was downloaded over 100,000 times while Horoscope Pi had more than 1,000 installs.

Inwell Fitness

This is a fitness program app which was made by developer Reuben Germaine. It has been downloaded more than 100,000 times.



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