Assam riflewomen to help in counterinsurgency operations in Kashmir

 The Indian Army has begun deploying women soldiers for conducting search operations in the Kashmir Valley. These women soldiers from Assam Rifles will be instrumental in maintaining peace in the valley.

These soldiers have been deployed in areas like Ganderbal district in central Kashmir. They have been also deployed at motor-vehicle checkpoints in order to facilitate frisking women and children.

The women soldiers are also helping in house-to-house searches during Cordon and Search Operation (CASO).

"Deployment of Riflewomen of Assam Rifles, is a reflection on the Security Forces, who always keep the sensitivities of the local population paramount & this step, will definitely be of great help in mitigating any problems faced by the women in Kashmir, during operations," said Emran Mosvi, Indian Army PRO, Kashmir. 

The riflewomen can also help in bridging the gap between locals and army. And while the counterinsurgency operations are on, the female force can be of utmost importance. 

a group of people standing next to a car: Jammu and Kashmir© Provided by WION Jammu and Kashmir

"I am deployed here with Assam Rifles and our main task here is (to ensure) whenever there is an anti-militant operation is going on, women should not face any issues. They are more comfortable with us. So we make sure they don't face issues. Whenever there is an operation we have an important role to play,'' said rifleWoman Jyotsna. 

The women soldiers are also breaking the stereotype for women and taking on bigger and more challenging responsibilities. They also are trying to inspire other women in the valley to Join the forces. 

"We are also trying to inspire women here so that they can also join the forces," said rifleWoman Jyotsna. 

The same group of women from the Assam Rifles were earlier posted in Kupwara District of North Kashmir to keep an eye on drug trafficking. It became easier for these female soldiers to search the women suspects in the areas close to Line of control.The presence of these female soldiers has helped the security forces to keep a tab on  the smuggling of drugs from across the LoC. 



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