14 killed in Taliban-led attacks in northern Afghanistan

 Kabul (Afghanistan) July 2 (ANI): Four police personnel and ten local pro-government militiamen were killed in two separate Taliban-led attacks in northern Afghanistan on Thursday night.

In the neighbouring Badakhshan province, ten pro-government forces, including two group divisional commanders, were killed when Taliban terrorists stormed their position in Yaftal district, Xinhua reported citing a local news agency.

Furthermore, four policemen, including a police officer, were killed in Kunduz province and five others were captured in a Taliban attack on a security checkpoint in Tapa-e-Nasiri in the provincial capital.

The Public Uprising Forces backed by Afghan security agencies are protecting the remote villages and districts around the country against the Taliban as these areas have a limited presence of the army and police.

Heavy clashes are going on in northern Afghanistan in recent weeks as Taliban terrorists continue to fight against government forces to capture several districts.

Recently, the Biden administration made it clear the last remaining US troops will leave Afghanistan by September 11 to mark the end of this war, but as the withdrawal progressed, it became clear they would be our far earlier.

The last contingent of US troops are expected to leave the Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan on Friday, said a senior defense official, marking the end of the American presence at the compound that became the centre of military power in the country.

Nearly two decades after the first American troops arrived at Bagram and helped take control of the field after the 9/11 attacks, the transfer of the field to the Afghan military proceeded without fanfare.

Prior to that, Italy had completed its troop exit from Afghanistan and the control of the Herat's airport and the military camp was handed over to Afghan forces. Herat was under the control of the Italian military for the last 20 years.

Meanwhile, Germany also completed the withdrawal of its forces from Afghanistan. Germany's decision came nearly after 20 years of mission in the country. A contingent of around 570 soldiers was called back from Afghanistan.

Both Germany and Italy de-escalated their militaries from the region to mark their non-engagement in North Atlantic Treaty Organisation's (NATO) 'Resolute Support' mission. (ANI)

Source: https://in.news.yahoo.com/14-killed-taliban-led-attacks-095122322.html


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