What You Don't Know About Idi Amin, Uganda's Brutal Ruler In 1970s

 However, people may not know that the brutal ruler was also a boxing champion. Amin fled the country in 1979 when Ugandan exiles and Tanzanians overthrew his government and took control of the capital, Kampala. However, he was never brought to justice for his crimes and died in exile in 2003 in Saudi Arabia.

The six-foot-four inch tall leader during his time in the army acquired boxing skills. He joined the British Army as a cook in 1946, and later he mastered the punching skills due to his strong and athletic body. Idi became the light heavyweight boxing champion in 1951, and retained the title till 1960. The late former Ugandan ruler remained undefeated during his boxing career.

However, his love for boxing didn’t end even after he became the third president of Uganda in 1971. Despite his official boxing career being over a long time ago, the ruthless ruler in 1974 declared to fight country’s boxing coach Peter Seruwagi in the curtain raiser of the Sixth All Africa Amateur Boxing Championships in Lugogo, Kampala.

Amin ruthlessly attacked Seruwagi as soon as the fight started and he ended up winning the match by a knock-out, as the referee stopped the fight in the second round to save the coach from further punishment.

Amin – The Cannibal

There is a widespread belief that the late dictator was a cannibal and used to drink people’s blood. The film ‘Rise and Fall of Idi Amin’, based on the biography of former Kenyan president Joseph Olita, depicts the third Ugandan president being involved in cannibalism.

A scene in the movie features the actor playing Amin opening the fridge and showing his visitor two severed heads. In another scene, Amin eats a piece of flesh of one of his victims.

Source: https://in.news.yahoo.com/dont-know-idi-amin-ugandas-081141506.html


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