Syria intercepts missile over Damascus amid Israeli airstrikes

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said on Wednesday said that Israeli airstrikes in Syria killed at least eleven government troops even as Syria said it had intercepted an Israeli missile strike over capital Damascus.

 The strikes reportedly targeted Lebanese Hezbollah positions in Khirbet al-Tinon the outskirts of Homs including an arms depot. The strikes were carried out shortly before midnight on Tuesday.

The Israeli military however hasn't confirmed the strikes.

The Syrian Observatory noted that seven army soldiers and National Defence Forces militiamen were killed during the strike.

The latest strikes by Israel comes just days after Israel bombed Gaza to target Hamas and other militants even as rockets were fired into Israeli territory. The clash which lasted 11 days in May led to large scale destruction of Gaza which was finally ended with a ceasefire.

According to the Observatory, Israeli planes carried out strikes in Syria's Homs, Hama and Latakia provinces including Damascus.

Latakia is based close to the Russian airbase. The Israeli jets reportedly targeted the Mediterranean port. Reports say Israel has stepped up attacks on targets in Syria to thwart Iranian-backed militias.



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