Several global media websites go down; White House, UK govt sites go dark too

 The websites of global media organisations including The Guardiannewspaper, Financial Times of London and CNN international went down on Tuesday before it came back online.

All the pages showed 'error 503' for several minutes.

The UK government's website had also gone down. Reports said theBBC website had also gone down but returned later. 

According to reports, the issue was related to a cloud server problem with an outage reported at Fastly (FSLY). Although the company said the problem had been fixed, many sites were still unavailable for users worldwide.

Other internet sites were also hit including Amazon, Target, reports added.

Reports said the French website of Le Monde had also gone down.

In the US, sites including those of the White House and the New York Times newspaper were temporarily inaccessible but came back online later.



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