Punjab Police arrests Smuggler with Links to Pakistan and Khalistan Terror Groups, huge cluster of arms seized

The Punjab police on Friday have foiled terror plans running across the country with the arrest of an arms smuggler linked to Pakistani and Khalistan terror groups. The Punjab Police has seized a vast number of arms on the Amritsar-Batala road.

The police have claimed that the smuggler was linked to Pakistan terror groups and pro-Khalistan group elements based in the USA, Canada and UK. 

DGP Dinkar Gupta informed that the smuggler was operating in the directions of a USA-based handler. The weapons were meant for carrying out terrorist activities in various parts of India.

Jagjit Singh Jaggu, a resident of Purian Kalan, Batala, was arrested from Kathunangal, Amritsar on Thursday night by Punjab Internal Security Wing, SSOC Amritsar, Gupta said.

The Punjab Internal Security Wing has recovered an I-20 car and two bags containing 48 made in China and Turkish Pistols, magazines and ammunition.

The accumulation included 19 Pistols, 37 magazines and 45 rounds; 9 pistols and 22 magazines; 19 pistols of .30 bore (star mark), 38 magazines and 148 rounds; and 1 Pistol of 9mm (Baretta-Italian) and two magazines.

DGP Dinkar Gupta said that the initial investigations revealed that Jagjit Singh Jaggu had been directed by Darmanjit Singh, aka Darman Kahlon, a former gangster criminal based in the USA, to collect this weapon consignment.

The mastermind behind this smuggling racket, Darman Singh, had reportedly charged Jaggu to collect and conceal the weapons for the delivery of the pistols, said the DGP.

It is to be noted that Darmanjot Singh, aka Darman Kahlon, has also been involved in various criminal activities in Punjab before his escape to the USA in 2017 to evade arrest.

Source: https://www.organiser.org/Encyc/2021/6/11/Punjab-Police-arrests-Smuggler-with-Links-to-Pakistan-and-Khalistan-Terror-Groups-huge-cluster-of-a.html


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