Islamists troll Shehla Rashid for condemning #WhySoProud against LGBT community

 New Delhi: Islamic fundamentalists have been trolling Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) alumni leader Shehla Rashid on social media. Shehla's only fault was to comment against the 'Why So Proud' hashtag being trended by fundamentalists. This hashtag, fundamentalists were opposing the 'Pride Month' of the LGBT community. When Shehla disagreed with the fundamentalists, all the fundamentalists started trolling them.

Shehla wrote in her post, "I am a Muslim and condemn #WhySoProud hashtag. We should focus on perfecting our iman and leave all judgment to Allah. We don't have to be god-making, nor do we have to judge others. No one should be afflicted for their identity, choice and faith. I oppose Islamophobia and homophobia." Shehla wrote in another post, "Muslim faces should get rid of it, it could be an attempt to make us look intolerant, or in reality it could be inspired by religious beliefs. In any way, we should separate it, because it is not our job to judge people. Live and let it live.”

Shehla Rashid's comments came after #whysoproud trended by fundamentalists. Within this, the fundamentalists were explaining that if homosexuality is considered haraam in Islam, there is a reason behind it. In this hashtag, some people have compared homosexuality to the evils of Satan. On the other hand, shehla is also being called very bad on social media, with one user comparing Shehla to a snake and saying, "These people get our support first and become hardcore Islamophobics as soon as they get sympathy."



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