G7 leaders vow to promote shared values by calling out China's actions in Xinjiang, Hong Kong

 London [UK], June 13 (ANI): The leaders of the G7 countries on Sunday pledged to promote shared values by calling on China to respect human rights and fundamental freedoms in Xinjiang where Beijing is accused of committing serious human rights abuses against the Uyghur minority, and in the semi-autonomous city of Hong Kong, while agreeing to consult on collective approaches on Beijing's practices to undermine the fair and transparent operation of the global economy.

In the Carbis Bay communique, the G7 leaders said: "We recognise the particular responsibility of the largest countries and economies in upholding the rules-based international system and international law...We will do this based on our shared agenda and democratic values. With regard to China, and competition in the global economy, we will continue to consult on collective approaches to challenging non-market policies and practices which undermine the fair and transparent operation of the global economy."

"At the same time and in so doing, we will promote our values, including by calling on China to respect human rights and fundamental freedoms, especially in relation to Xinjiang and those rights, freedoms and high degree of autonomy for Hong Kong enshrined in the Sino-British Joint Declaration and the Basic Law," the communique further read.

The leaders, along with guest countries - India, Australia, South Korea, and South Africa - pledged to promote shared values as open societies in the international system, increase cooperation on supporting democracy, strengthen media freedom, address human rights abuses, recognise the need for action on corruption and more.

The countries expressed conflict situations in Ukraine, Belarus, Ethiopia, Chad, Mali and Afghanistan.

"In Afghanistan, a sustainable, inclusive political settlement is the only way to achieve a just and durable peace that benefits all Afghans. We are determined to maintain our support for the Afghan government to address the country's urgent security and humanitarian needs, and to help the people of Afghanistan, including women, young people and minority groups, as they seek to preserve hard-won rights and freedoms," read the communique.

The G7 summit began formally on Friday as the leaders of the world's most advanced economies gathered on the Cornish coast for the first time since the outbreak of global coronavirus pandemic. The gathered nations will pledge to donate 1 billion COVID vaccine doses, with the US providing about half of those shots.

The UK is the current G7 President. This is the 7th time UK is heading the G7. The theme selected by the UK for its G7 Presidency is 'Build Back Better' in a nod to global recovery efforts post-COVID-19 pandemic.

China's actions in Xinjiang against Uyghurs and in Hong Kong have been major talking points in international fora. Several countries have publicly condemned China's oppressive policies in the regions. (ANI)

Source https://in.news.yahoo.com/g7-leaders-vow-promote-shared-145417612.html


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