France: Hezbollah is the only beneficiary of Lebanon’s disintegration

 According to reports that die Actions by the Lebanese Hezbollah militia in Expanding France in various ways, stressed die French Senate member Natalie Goulet on Saturday that there were loopholes in the counter-terrorism mechanisms in Europe give.

In a statement to Al-Arabiya / Al-Hadath, he added that die Hezbollah is a dangerous terrorist organization. Officials would have die Government repeatedly warned of the danger of terrorism from this militia.

He also went on to do that die Hezbollah was the only beneficiary of the collapse of Lebanon, and stressed die Need for dialogue with the United States as they are more about die Danger of this organization knows.

The actions of the militia are apparently no longer limited to that die ideas exported there, but have also spread to other, more dangerous areas.

The French magazine Le Point published under the title “Hezbollah is weaving its network in France “made an in-depth study of the party’s activities in the country.

According to the investigation, exported die Hezbollah not only sends ideas to France, but also finances itself, stores explosives and launders money.

Filaments unfolded

This information was revealed when, according to the magazine die US states asked France to extradite Mazen al-Atat, a Lebanese man accused of being a Hezbollah agent, although local judicial sources have indicated that nothing has been proven about his relationship to terrorism and money laundering, but at the same time this hypothesis cannot be ruled out.

According to Le Point, a Lebanese-French network has been accused of providing money for drug gangs in Laundering Colombia: Thirteen defendants, including Atat, were accused in 2018 in Paris sentenced to between two and nine years in prison with suspended prison sentences.

Members of this network raised money from drug smuggling in Europe and bought jewelry, watches and luxury cars, die them in Lebanon or in resold all of Africa before returning the laundered money to Colombia after deducting their commission.

France: Hezbollah is the only beneficiary of Lebanon’s disintegration

A member of Hezbollah (Archives – AFP)

It seems that 20% of the revenue from these operations in die Hezbollah coffers went. However, the DEA conducted an operation called “Cedars” and managed to dismantle the network.

The process of transferring money from Europe to Beirut is carried out, according to the investigation, by people die Cash in carry commercial aircraft.

religious centers

They also warned die French investigation die Party to the expansion of some religious centers.

She pointed out that die Party since fast self-funded for a decade by some activities, in addition of course to the larger Iranian funds, considering that Europe is part of their activities.

French policemen

That includes die religious tendency, die in the French scene through mosques and Hezbollah-related cultural centers. The Al-Zahra Center has always been in Grand Cent, in the north of the country in open to its activities.

So had die Political party die Means changed, however die Ideas are still there die same and they are still trying in different ways in die invade the French arena


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