China's Guangzhou city imposes more COVID-19 measures

SHANGHAI: Authorities in the southern Chinese industrial hub of Guangzhou on Saturday (Jun 5) imposed more restrictions on business and social activity, seeking to curb the spread of COVID-19 cases. 

The city's Nansha, Huadu and Conghua districts have ordered all residents and any individuals who have travelled through their areas to be tested for the coronavirus.

Nansha authorities also ordered restaurants to stop offering dine-in services as of Saturday and also called on gyms, pools and other public venues to temporarily cease operations.

About a dozen subway stops throughout the city were also closed. 

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China on Saturday reported 24 new coronavirus cases on the mainland for Jun 4, unchanged from a day earlier. 

Of those, 13 were locally transmitted cases in Guangdong province where Guangzhou is located, while the others were imported, the National Health Commission said. There were no new deaths.

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The outbreak of new cases since late May has seen Guangzhou authorities impose lockdowns in certain neighbourhoods. The airport in the city of Shenzhen has ordered residents of Guangzhou or nearby Foshan to show a negative virus test result before they can depart.

China also reported 28 new asymptomatic patients, compared with 21 a day earlier. As of Jun 4, China had a total of 91,218 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 4,636 deaths.



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